Monday, April 8, 2013

goodtimes news

my newsreel (over at goodtimes reporter) would be rolling at high speed this morning
1. GT has killed 2 snakes in 2 days at/near our house.
i'm not ok.
i know they're here. i know we live in the country.
i'm not ok.
(breaking news, right?)
2. Thursday night
Cover Photo
a night with the Robertsons
it is benefitting two places very dear to my heart Camp Ch-Yo-Ca and OCS
i've heard some great things going on behind the scenes. you don't want to miss this
also, didn't Korie look stunning last night on the ACM's???

3. i was on spring break last week.
i didn't realize that until monday night.
ha.ha.ha.very funny. so is on-line course work.
so, what did i do? (you ask)
research paper. boo-yeah
4. Chonda Pierce
last night, a group of us gals from church went to hear her talk
if you walked in at any moment, you might hear a sound that resembled a chicken coup
that woman is hilarious
to be honest, when i heard that we were going to a christian woman comedian, i was
but, y'all. she's good. real good.
then we cried
what else do you think is gonna happen when you gather a couple thousand women????
she has a story.
her story is broken. her world has been shaken over and over again.
but her story does not end there.
she talked about her story ending with hope and peace.
she got me all kinds of fired up about our God.
all kinds.
i could elaborate for years about last night.
really, i'd love to talk about what i felt as i listened to her talk, listened to her sing, listened to her cry and laugh.
but, if you get a chance to hear her. please do.
more importantly, if you need hope. ask. there is a hope, even in the darkest hours, there is hope.

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