Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 months

Judson Ray, you are 5 months old!
and a busy 5 month old, you are
i fall in love with you more every single day
 i think i'm addicted to you and your cuddly little self. that's the best way to describe it
you are ready to GO!
 you can't get anywhere yet (unless you roll), but you are trying
you roll all over the  place, but mostly to the right. not quite sure why you won't go to the left
you can sit up, but fold over like a little clam after a few seconds

your feet seem to be your favorite toy. particullary your left one

you love to move. all of the time. so we go from one baby-contraption-thingy to the other
or i just carry you around so you can see what's going on.
 it seems like you need to know what's going on
you grab anything and everything that is in front of you. including faces
i love it 
you still love your changing table and go to town when we lay you down to change your diaper 
(we never take a hand off of him when he's up there...promise!)
you love to stand up and seem rather proud to do so

you can't seem to coordinate getting your legs and arms underneath you at the same time
 it's pretty cute, though
you love to be outside
your head is on a swivel until you lay an eye on Trigger
we're outside a lot over at your Honey and Pas new house and you are very entertained by the construction

you still love to watch basketball
so far, you are enjoying March Madness
you love to watch your older couins
and they love to tote you around
you love to be surprised. it's a guarenteed smile from you if we startle you. thrill seeker, much?
you and your dad. you two are quite the pair. you love each other somethin' awful.
(i might be more entertained by your dad and his weird noises)
you are the sweetest thing
you love to give big open mouth kisses
when i get home from work, you will just squeeze my neck and open your mouth and just love all over my face. even though you don't always smile at me, you won't let go of me. you know more than we give you credit for.
you sleep pretty great at complaints here!

you love to eat
i think you'd eat every hour if i offered
and you are rather intense about eating, too

your sweet little voice. oh, it's so sweet

and your laugh.

my favorite moments are those when your dad and i just look at each other and smile because we both recognize at the same moment how good it is to have you in our life
Judson, you are a joy.
these 5 months have been so great, exausting, life changing, beautiful, hectic, sweet and perfect.
i love your spirit and can't wait to see more of it.


Lauren said...

How beautiful and sweet he is! In this post he looks like your dad to that weird?

Laura said...

Oh he's gotten so big! Love this recap Kate!