Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 months

little Judson Ray, you are too big for your 6 month britches!
you are so full of life

and lots of personality
people often say things like "oh, it will get easier" or "he's getting to the fun age"
and i have to say, "he is actually really easy and really fun"
i truly love every day with you. every.single.day
the mornings are my favorite time with you
you are the happiest baby
you are really only fussy when you're tired
you get frustrated when you can't get where you want to go
as soon as i pick you up, you try to flip your body around and lean towards the ground
you want to get down and go!
when i put you on the floor, you end up 5 feet away...somehow
you are seriuosly working on crawling...just a' scooting, spinning and rolling
(can someone please buy this kid a toy!?!?!)
you are worming your way around...like a little inchworm.
you are very aware of me and your dad
you LOVE water bottles
you want to eat everything that we do...or at least grab the spoon or fork or cup
you've started eating solids/purees and would probably prefer a steak

 you don't mind baths anymore!

you have some soul-searching eyes. they are big and beautiful.
we just love you and you busy body

you sleep great at night and naps are pretty good for the most part
you put yourself to sleep in your crib after doing laps and making crib-sheet angels
you reach out for us now and it kinda' does my heart good.
you respond to your name being called.
your best friends would probably be Trigger, Pa and your daddy. you reach out for Trigger more than anyone. or perhaps you're just trying to get down.
i love it when you look up at me when i'm holding you.
a couple of weeks ago, we spent an afternoon at your cousins track meet and tennis match. i think that you truly had fun. you were passed back and forth from cousin to cousin to aunt to aunt and watched all the kids around you. it was a beautiful day. you felt the grass in between your toes, the sun was bright and the breeze was perfect. i think you knew what a great day it was. when we were leaving, i could tell that you were getting tired, but you were satisfied. as were were walking to the car, it was just me and you. i looked at you and asked if you had fun. you looked right into my eyes, grabbed my face and grinned.
oh my sweet boy...that is good for my soul.
YOU are good for my soul.

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Lauren said...

He is seriously the cutest. And what an amazing mama you are!