Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday portrait series: the boys

i've shared this tidbit before.
GT does a way better job of dressing Judson than I do
i dress him for comfort, gt dresses him for style
so, i usually leave Sundays best up to dad
i buy the clothes, but always default to solid onesies and cotton britches

last week was the best so far

we are both looking forward to the day (not wishing this one away at the same time) that JR can just go to the barn and work alongside his dad.
the day when I can tell Judson to go with ride with his dad on the tractor or help him bush-hog or put out corn during deer season.
whatever it may be.
some day he will be his dad's side-kick.
for now, he's a momma's boy.
 attached to me.
sure it's because i'm his only source of sustenance, but i'll take it.
 i'd like to think it's also because he adores me, maybe?
but it's probably for the food.
the day will surely come when i can't separate these 2
(or 4..Trig and Woodrow not far behind).

i don't think we're very far from that day.
i found this gem among the photos we took
i don't know where we went wrong

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Rachel said...

These are absolutely GORGEOUS. And that last photo - I die.