Tuesday, April 23, 2013

spring weekends

these California-esque weekends are d-vine!
nothing on the agenda (and no schoolwork due!) is even better and kinda' rare.
we are thankful.
per usual, we started Saturday morning out at Cracker Barrel.
 Ms.Patsy, our usual waitress, and other waitresses commented on how big Judson is getting.
he's been a routine patron since month 1
"he'll be ordering before too long"- i say in jest (knowing it is truth...tear)
we love these mornings
GT used Saturday and Sunday to do some grass cuttin' and what not
Dad did some bush-hogging and burning
we watched.
everyone was pleased

we gussied ourselves up and utilized our ever-ready babysitter Saturday night
ain't Honey and Pa grand?

 as luck(ha!) would have it, we were both in blue and white stripes and a photo-op was born
{as if i needed an excuse}
 it's pretty convenient that i'm married to my boyfriend
and he flatters me by taking iphone selfies in the truck
 he cleans up purty nice, eh?
also, the hand on hip is always a bad idea...in hindsight, of course.
parental house update:
 things are cruising right along!
this home is going to be beautiful and the view is amazing.
spending many hours on that porch is in my future.
especially on these perfect weekends.

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