Friday, April 5, 2013

friday list of loves

hooray for friday!
unless you work weekends.
in that case, i hope it's a great week!
today is a beautiful day
especially beautiful after a few days of gloom and chill
the sunshine is welcome and more than welcome to stick around
some things to be thankful for from this week:
my sibs were in for Easter weekend
we like to coordinate our blues and blacks and Sunday afternoon comfy-lounge wear 

my new Instagram photo display 

my street
i don't mind getting behind a hay bale every once and a while 

 these 2
you already knew that

 my parents love for their grandboys
and an extra set of hands during church
(i stole this pic from Jamie...i'd never take a picture during church...ha!)
celebrating 82 years of wonderful life
Mamaw Jo makes this world a much more beautiful place 

lookin' out my back door

what do you have planned for the weekend?
GT and I are going to get some things done around the house (never ending projects over here)
i also have to work on a research paper (puke city)
we will look forward to sunday (always do at WFR)
a song to take you into the weekend


Kirby said...

Best part of the hay bale pic is the driver's hat peeking out. Good photoging.

Sarah Jenkins said...

I like how you said "puke city"