Friday, September 13, 2013


if you could stay an age forever, what would it be?
my age is 17.
it's the age before life got real
when living was simple and no responsibilities really existed
before nursing care plans, water bills and inspection sticker expiration dates (whoops!)

don't get me wrong, this age is pretty great
i get to live with my best friend and i have a kid... the best one every actually.
being an adult has it's perks
ok, i would be 17 with GT and Judson, just none of the stressful stuff

one thing from my youthful birthdays remains
cookie cake
forever and always i will love cookie cake

i am really having a hard time saying that i'm...gulp...28.
it's a hard age to swallow for me.

it's good and i'm thankful for another year
but, i feel like other moms are looking at me funny when i drop off Judson at Mothers Day i'm the babysitter and-you guessed it-17.

so, perhaps it's fitting that GT had a princess castle placed on my cake

that's all i have to say about it.

a special thanks to my mom.
she's really the person we should be celebrating today.
she did all the work, after all.

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