Friday, September 20, 2013

around the house

it's been a while since i have posted an "around the house"
there's been a lot going on around this house
notably, our new neighbors
Mom and Dad moved in!!!!
they are forever unpacking, organizing, decorating, finishing, cleaning, etc etc etc
so...very very soon i will post photos of their new dwelling!
and it is in my back yard which makes it even that much more glorious
Judson Ray and I have walked down there a few mornings this week and it is probably the best thing.

in the meantime i will share things around our house. not as grand, but still good.

i got me a new rug.
oh yeah-GT refinished our living room floors!-kind of a big deal.
i guess i should post about that at some point. 
i am rambling, i know.
back to the point.

the rug.
it's great! is where it's at y'all.
what's that you say? 
i have a red-neck baby (shirtless, barefoot and jeans)?
he's watching tv?
my house is a playpen?
yeah, yeah, yeah.
the rug! focus people!
sidenote(as if this whole post isn't one big sidenote): i never knew how much vacuuming a new rug required! 

new-to-me old furniture
mom and dad are using the majority of their old furniture in their new house, but got rid of a few pieces.
we got this beautiful china cabinet
it was my great-grandmothers and i think it is perfect.
mom didn't want to get rid of it, she just didn't have a place for it in her new house
luck-i-lee i had just the spot.

we got a mantle!
since we moved in (august 2011) i have asked GT to put up a mantle for christmas
this year, we will hang stockings from this bute
our good friend, Tony, built this for us out of the beautiful black walnut tree that was on my parents land in Calhoun. you can see pictures of that property here and here. i also took some bridal portraits in front of the tree: see here
i'm glad we waited to put one up, because this one is perfect....beautiful and sentimental

apparently, our kid has a future career in the arts
he colored this at Mothers Day Out
10 month old prodigy
either way...on the fridge it goes

incredible iPhone photography 
i'm for hire!
i know you can't see it, but you can see the dampness of the ground
rain-sweet, beautiful, fragrant, cooling, life-giving to my poor and dying crepe myrtle-RAIN.

happy weekend folks.
if you're in my neck of the woods, let's talk about the rain all weekend. whatya say?

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