Tuesday, September 17, 2013

life is better with you

"Some days are better than other days, 
but these days, life is better with you. 
Some days are better than other days, 
but these days, life is better with you. 
And when I think about the things that we've been through, 
I know just one thing is true, life is better with you"
-Michael Franti & Spearhead

Happy birthday to my one and only!
GT, you continue to prove that I got the better end of this gig.
Although it ain't all roses and marshmallows, you make every day worth it.
I am blessed to be called your wife
I am proud to hold the title

You are 32 this year and that makes ME feel old.
how did i end up married to a 32 year old?
in order to knock off the cob-webs and make 32 easier to swallow
here are 32 reason why I love you

1 you are a leader
2 you are strong
3 you are compassionate
4 you are passionate
5 you finish what you start
6 you are a hard worker
7 you are tall
8 you have great hair
9 you hold me accountable
10 you are an athlete
11 you seek wise counsel
12 you treat me like a lady
 13 you love cereal
14 you can fix things
15 you can cook a good breakfast
16 you are a man's man
17 you are an old soul
18 you are convicted
19 you can converse with anyone
20 you have beautiful eyes
21 you don't complain
22 you are grateful
23 you are respectful
24 you will eat anything
25 you appreciate good and stupid humor
26 you can live in a city and the country
27 you sing old hymns
28 you forgive me
29 you love me more every day and i know it
30 you are intentional in being a dad to Judson
31 you take care of and provide for our family and don't think twice about what it takes to make it happen
32 you love the Lord with all of your heart

(bun-hair, tired eyes, Diet Dr.Pepper, baby food and a bite already eaten out of the brownies.....true to life)

Happy Birthday you old dad!
You're a keeper

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emily said...

Love this post.

Happy birthday to your husband!