Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Concrete jungle

I am totally deconditioned to the late nights and fashion lifestyle.
Who am I kidding? 
I was never conditioned!
Boy, oh boy am I ready to see these guy!

Although, this view ain't too shabby for getting some homework done

Happening upon one of my dream stores was pretty great too. Purl Soho....such lovely yarns and fabrics!

Best of all is being with these gals (and Mamaw Jo, who took the picture)
We are packing our bags to head home
This weekend in NYC has been surreal and so so good. I have approximately 9 gagillion pictures to document the happenings...and still couldn't capture it all. 
More to come! But for now I need to recover and rest up before I get home to my energizer bunny of a son!

New York, thanks for showing your good side
i'll be back, but i'm afraid future trips will never match this one

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