Thursday, September 19, 2013

the royal treatment

one afternoon in NYC was entirely devoted to beautifying ourselves
if you've never had hair and make-up done for you (which i had not until this) it is quite the royal treatment.
at first, it felt silly
but i got over that pretty fast
it was also a fun way to hang out with some of my favorite gals
(including the crazy in the yellow)

looking too grown-up for my liking

not a bad view to boot

i mean....

the boys dropped by to show off their new duds
i can't get enough of this duo

before. during. after.
why the serious face and mirror-selfie? why? i will never know.
probably because i've never had my curls "set" before.
fancy, you say?

3 beauties before and after all of the doing-up.

ready for the fashion show!

1 comment:

emily said...

Sign me up!!!! ;)

and I love your white top! Beautiful.