Friday, September 6, 2013

fun-day Friday

after a few long months of "dada"...he says "mama"
and if it ain't the sweetest sound i've every heard!
the little guy finally has a tooth
at 10 months

I've hit the books
JR is in Mothers Day Out on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
I didn't work this Thursday, so I hit up Star$ for some studying
man, I was super productive
shoud've tried that the previous semesters. oh well, live and learn

the parentals are t-one week until move in day!!!!!
 Honey was getting some practice in taking Judson to her house in the wagon last night
we are all chompin' at the bit for them to be in the house!

this kid....
he crosses his little ankles every time he sits down. every time.
i mean...........

NYC fashion week or bust, y'alls!
I'm headed to the big apple tomorrow with a large crew and i'm pretty excited.
i now think i understand a bit of mom guilt
i wasn't sure about going on the trip and GT talked me in to it.
imagine that. my husband had to talk me into going to NYC with my cousins for fashion week. never would've seen that one coming. but, with Judson, work, school and life....i just wasn't sure.
so, now i am feeling a tad guilty about going. whatevs. i'm going to New York, feel sorry for me. 

cheers to the weekend!

1 comment:

emily said...

Love that he sits "Indian style"! So cute! He's ready for school!!!

I cannot wait to hear about fashion week! :)