Tuesday, September 24, 2013

live from New York

 on my recent trip to New York, i'd intermittently send a photo to GT with a corresponding quote.
because sometimes it's better coming from the horses mouth

first thing she said to me when I saw her that day.
she's 11.

Willie, did you ever think the day would come that you'd be at a fashion show?
my thoughts exactly.

upon seeing Nick Jonas, Real Housewives lady, Dance Moms peeps and someone else...
dreams coming true.

after-party shenanigans
GTs response: "John Luke, the most interesting teenager in the world. I don't always drink Coke, but when I do, I drink...Coke"

continuation of after-party... 
life of the party

Hey Will, i see you didn't like your breakfast

well, they kept me and GT entertained anyway.