Monday, September 16, 2013

taking it to the streets: NYC day 1 & 2

Most of the group flew out on Friday.
Anna Catherine (Sadie's BFF) and I flew out on Saturday to join them.
She's one of my favorite people...seriously. 
On our little journey to the Big Apple she said that we needed to write a book about being "the groupies" or "the friends".

See, we were asked by Sadie and Korie to go on this trip and we both jumped at the opportunity.
Sadie, my cousin and AC's best-frand, now has a prom dress line with designer Sherri Hill.
Sherri Hill asked her to walk in her fashion show during New York Fashion Week #NYFW!

We get to do lots of awesome and ridiculous things being close to Korie, Sadie and the rest of the fam and I am forever grateful for their generosity and kindness in including us. 
This trip did not disappoint.

So, in the meantime AC and I are pondering the title of our upcoming book! (stay tuned .... but don't hold your breath). 
luckily, we already have the cover photo

When the plane touched down, we put on our tennis shoes (or just flats) and hit the ground running
a little shopping, sight seeing, snacking and selfies (obviously)

as previously mentioned in another post, i happened upon Purl Soho
i have read their blog/attempted their projects/dreamt of their crafts for a while now
sweet yarn dreams! it was beautiful
i left empty handed sadly. i didn't have 89bucks to spare on a small roll of yarn that i probably would never knit/crochet into anything because i'm up to my eyeballs in homework that i probably should've stayed home to do instead of going to New York. but, whatever.
no yarn.
moving on

to the big lights on Broadway!!!
oh Matilda!
made me tear up!
i'm a sucker for a musical and this one was just presh.
I'd see it again. honestly, i had some reservations about going, but i was proved wrong in the first minute.
i highly recommend this show.

we ended the night trying on beautiful dresses to wear to the after-fashion-show-party. no bigs.

day 2 brought on more walking (per New York) and eating (per vacation)
Serendipity for the hot chocolate
do it.
and thank me later
the food was large and not my favorite
the hot chocolate. yes. 

instead of actually shopping in Bloomingdales, Bella and I made ourselves more useful
useful to our entertainment

our Mamaw Jo was my roommate on this trip.
She makes everything more beautiful, even the mundane street of the city

Angila and I took Will and Bella went to Stomp later in the afternoon 

after taking a hike through Times Square and grabbing some classic NY pizza.
the good stuff.
Will "stomped" on everything in the taxi on the way back to the hotel.

the evening ended with a late dinner with the whole crew at a lovely little Italian place, Cafe Fiorello

if that wasn't enough documentation for you, i have 2 more days a'comin'
if THAT's not enough for you, check out my Instagram: goodtimestaylor
and if that's STILL not enough, then i have nothing to offer you.
except maybe a suggestion that you pick up a hobby.

the good news is that I still haven't got to the really good stuff
although, i would've been perfectly content with our trip ending right here.

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