Monday, September 23, 2013


Yesterday was going to be only the 2nd Sunday i would spend with our family at WFR for September. 
i love praising God with my forever family.
to only be with them twice in a month of 5 Sundays makes me pretty sad.

JR went to bed with a little fever Saturday night and was burning up when i got him out of his bed Sunday morning.
i was sad to miss church, but even more sad for little buddy.
pitiful, i tell ya!
for my little guy who never stops moving, he didn't even feel like getting out of my lap.

At the same time that I would normally be lifting up songs of praise at church, I was quietly singing hymns to my baby.
he fell asleep on my chest as we rocked.
instead of bemoaning my absence from congregational singing, i praised God for His favor.
His blessings
His outpouring of love
in the quiet moment
(a very rare quiet moment)
as I met the needs of my child, my God met the needs of my heart

Why do I worship, why do I praise?
Why do I lift up my voice?
When I see the Savior who died in my place,
I cannot help but rejoice.

Why do I bow down, why do I stand?
Why does my heart love to sing?
When I call the Father and He takes my hand,
I know I’m a child of the King!

And that’s why I cry,
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!”
That’s why I cry,
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord."

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