Friday, October 4, 2013

11 months

JRay, Buddy Ray (your dad's new name for you), Wild Man, JR, Jud-man, Booger (sorry, that's all me), Judson Ray!
at almost 1 year old you are looking and acting more like a toddler than a baby
you still have very little fat on your tall frame- so you are a long, lean crazy busy 
i try to feed you all day long it seems, but you are on the go!
thankfully, for all the effort you put into movement, you equally put into sleep.
can i get an, Amen-glory-hallellujah?!

lately, you are getting familiar with the word "no-no"
and have proved very good at mimicking as you repeat "nah-nah" with a shake of your head and arm

you point at EVERYTHING
then make a little noise that most definitely ends in a question mark
to which we answer every single time.

you really are a very happy kiddo
only crying if you hurt really badly
i mean, real bad
otherwise, you just keep going 

it's a rare moment to catch you on "film" non-blurred
you clap all of the time. for everyone.
your Honey says that you celebrate everything!
it's a great self-esteem booster for those around you

without a doubt, your dogs and your wagon are your favorite
i really heavily on these three things
they are the most powerful weapons in my arsenal of baby entertainment 

i think you're beginning to understand what it means to make us laugh
and you seem to get a kick out of being funny

you love to "read" 
anytime, anywhere with anyone. it's really the only time you'll sit in our laps.
so we do it often

you have definitely developed a sense of independence 
but still like to keep a close eye on us
(don't worry about the cleaning products by was moving in her house!)

you officially took 5 steps at age 11 months 4 days
you stand up by yourself really well, but don't seem to care to walk all that much, just a few steps here and there
you are the fastest crawler (one knee and one foot) that i've ever seen

we just can't get enough of you

although it's a bit early to pinpoint your true personality, i believe you are going to bring a lot of joy to this world.
i pray that we can train you to channel ALL of your energy for the glory of God and to encourage others.
You are already a bright light in our life and know how to entertain a room.
We adore you, sweet Judson Ray!

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