Friday, October 4, 2013

some tidly-winks for the weekend

1. i caught a glance of my right upper arm and thought i saw a huge bruise! 
then i remembered that i had just watch Parenthood (hooray! for it's return) and quickly realized it was a whopping remnant of cried-off mascara.
 close call.

2. sometimes it's good for your husband to come home on a friday afternoon/evening to a bed full of laundry.
i hear it's healthy for your marriage.

3. my parents have a secret hiding place, under the stairs, in their new house for the boys.
 it is amazing. a kids dream come true! 
my mamaw (age 82!) climbed in with my nephew, Beau (age 3).
 seriously. i am serious. 
i didn't even want to go in. 

4. we just spent a glorious weekend in North Carolina for my cousins wedding. I can not wait to share some photos. everything was perfect. 
even Judson on the flights. I'm surprised, too. 

5.Happy Saturday frands
My son has a rat-tail
And my husband doesn't want me to cut it
Consider this is my plea for help

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