Tuesday, October 8, 2013

keeping it together

one thing that i have never been accused of or claim to have is a "type A" personality
i am not a neat freak
i am not a perfectionist

but, i do get things done
like to be organized
do not like clutter
and DIE at the thought of someone thinking i have a dirty home

To my surprise, i have grown to kind of enjoy cleaning our house
unfortunately, it doesn't happen often enough!
since i'm in grad school, working 2-3 days a week and have mr.busy-pants 11 month old...cleaning sometimes gets pushed to the back of the priority file.
but, i am trying to wipe things down and spray some cleaner at least once a week
picking up and organizing daily
and purging often

here are some things that make keeping it together a little easier and more manageable:

1. Clorox wipes
i have pinned every kind of homemade all-natural cleaning product/idea
really....i would love to use these things
save money, have less chemicals in our home, etc, etc, etc, etc
but these little wipey-guys are where it's at
they are convenient, get the job done and smell like clean
if i received these for a gift, i'd be happy as a clam

2. a good vacuum
i think i've written about our Dyson before.
we're very good friends
i have used it on hardwood floors, carpet, tile and now stained concrete
it is da bizomb dot cizom
and Judson Ray is completely entertained by it, so i can vacuum when he's awake
which can not happen with any other housework

3. getting rid of excess
this is a daily exercise in purging. my new favorite word.
if it isn't useful, beautiful or sentimental (i mean reeeeeeallly sentimental) then it's gone.
GT has joked that some days he has to hang on to the door frame real tight so that he isn't tossed out.
hardy har har!!!
of course, we still have too much stuff (first world problems) but i am surely getting rid of what i can.

ok, that's all in Today's Life Lessons with Katelyn.
stay tuned for more...probably never.
in the meantime you can enjoy this sweetness
also, i never claimed to keep a clean-faced baby

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