Tuesday, October 1, 2013

finally.......a fashion show

my images are a poor comparison to all of the footage that was aired on major network television,
but it'll have to do.
What a treat this (not-so)little fashion show was!
It was interesting to see the backstage going-ons of a busy show and watch it become live right before us.
it's really chaotic and then all of a sudden, these beautiful dresses on beautiful women appear!
something, i tell ya!

and the best part- Sadie.
of course
she smiled her perfect dimpled smile and worked it.
we were all beaming just watching her!

i'm not sure what the proper fashion show etiquette is, but i'm pretty sure i broke all of the rules
i was basically standing up to video her on my iPhone and loudly cheered for her as if it were a basketball game. couldn't help it!
some of Sadie's cheering section

ever the professional and quite a looker

this dress and this girl.....!

after the show, we headed down to the basement of the Trump Tower and donned these amazing gowns for the after party that was to be held at the Plaza, no bigs. 
(disregard the water bottles and cokes!)

i kept telling myself to "act like you've been there" and then i'd realize....no you haven't Kate!
so, i gave in and acted like a complete novice to wearing a gown at a party in The Plaza. 

posing in our fancies at the party
i jipped all of these images from Getty images. 

Thanks to Sadie, we all had our day to feel like royalty.
Fashion show royalty...but i'll take it. 
It was pretty surreal and a whole lotta fun!
Sadie was flawless, acted like a pro and was-by far- the prettiest girl there!
just stunning! and i couldn't have been more proud to be part of her cheering section!


emily said...

Beautiful ladies!!!

(and S's b/w dress is stunning!)

Rachel said...

You are SO unbelievably gorgeous!