Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Duck the Halls

It's here y'all!

since it's inception, Mariah Carey's Christmas cd has been my favorite.
all time. hands down. go to Christmas album.
judge, judge, judge away, but it's good.

this year, i will be replacing it with my new go-to holiday jams.
Duck the Halls: a Robertson Family Christmas!

and I know what you're thinking!
"no way it's good. it's a joke. they can't sing. how silly!"
stop. just stop. 
go by the CD, put it in your car...or download it and put in your ear buds. it really doesn't matter how you get the tunes, just get 'em!....and be blown away.
seriously, it's really really good.
featuring some legit crooners:
Josh Turner
George Strait
Luke Bryan
Alison Krauss

a bonus! 
one song, "Hairy Christmas" was written by our own Chancie Neal.
you know I love me some Chancie!
so, so proud of and excited for her!

here's a little preview for ya
listen to Sadie sing with Alison Krauss HERE

download it on iTunes HERE

Happy, Happy, Happy listening folks!

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