Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sweet Carolina Part number 2

you thought i was gonna leave you hangin' after part one didn't you??
there are lots of pictures to be shared, so let's get started. shall we?

 the Rehearsal Dinner
carrying on with the wedding festivities, we gathered up the night before the wedding
My cousin, Will, also the brother of the groom hosted the party at his house.
The BBQ was delicious, the weather was cooperative and the company was great!
the cousins

Me and Memory with our boys

The Wedding 
The wedding site was probably the most beautiful site for a wedding that I have ever ever EVER seen.
the perfect Carolina waterway view
a few swans actually swam by during the ceremony
it was absolutely perfect and seemed like it was directly out of a movie set
i mean...

the best we could get before the wedding


a pretty good wedding guest (surprisingly!)


The Reception
The after party was located at an school in their auditorium (i suppose)
it made the perfect dance floor!
the little guy tried to keep up with the partying
bless his heart, he did try
but, the weekend's festivities got the best of him and he gave in while Pa bounced to the beat of the band

the family with the newlyweds
dont' worry, that's just me on the end trying to wrangle the wild cowboy

Congrats to my cousin, David and his new bride, Courtney!
actually, he deserves a huge thank you for creating an occasion for us all to get together!

the weekend was just about as perfect as perfect can get
our family
the weather
the food
the wedding
the parties
the dancing
the beach
the scenery
did i mention my family?
every.single.thing tugged at me to stay forever in North Carolina
that, my friends, is a good time.

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