Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Morning....

....coming at ya
1. For however much I blog when schoolwork is looming, I neglect my blogging and blog-reading (heaven forbid) when I have housework/party planning/cooking/peeps coming over. 
priorities people!

2. We had our first Heart to Home gathering for the season last week. When I walked in I was overwhelmed by seeing so many people I love to be with in the same (perfectly lit, warm, inviting) room! To say I'm excited about this year and our group would be an unfortunate understatement.

3. Our washing machine sounds like a waking beast with the croup at times. 

4. Judson Ray turns 1 in 4 days. 
we celebrated his 1st birthday this weekend and boy! is that kid loved!
this week, if i get around to it, i will share some things related to his turning a year old. 
perhaps i'll even put the pen to the paper and write down the events leading up to and surrounding his birth. riveting, i know.
personally, i like to read birth stories
maybe you could care less about how others labor/deliver!?
really. i like to hear what the experience was like for others
even the details. especially the details.
i don't know. 

moving on.

5. the late afternoon is a pretty nice around these parts

have a warm week folks
i'll be back

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