Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a Kirby Christmas

Since we spent the actual Christmas day with the Taylors in Texas, we missed out on my side of the family's shin-digs back in West Monroe. 
You can view a re-cap from last year to catch up on all of our traditions...it's a big deal...3 days of events. 
all of my cousins on my moms side with my Mamaw Jo on Christmas Eve morning

We made it back to West Monroe the day after Christmas and celebrated with my family a few days later. 
It felt like Christmas morning all over again and it was just as magical. 
also, we did this alot
this was before i started laying JR down in his crib for all naps :(

Beau-zer got a new tent an recruited everyone to join him

even his Honey got in

Honey and Pas living room filled to the brim with Christmas goodies

just because he's the cutest thing

brothers and matching eyes

Christmas morning breakfast

Santa didn't last long

sweet little Luke made it through some of breakfast

this stud muffin belongs to me
i'm diggin the prints (shoes include)

love this family

love this little body in stripes

the aftermath

the fam

my favorite dudes

silly faces

the gals in our new booties from dad

"mamaw woo" and "wuke"

bffs! too bad they didn't even try to make eye contact.
next time boys.

It was a very Merry Christmas.
Once again we realize how incredibly blessed we are.
We have two great families that give us so much more than we deserve in the form of physical gifts and lots of love. Someday, I hope to instill in my children the gift of gratitude early on. I want them to know how blessed we are and learn to bless others.
now, happy January!

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