Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cali-bound baby!

My brother...
...this brother...

moved to LA.
Los Angeles, that is. Not to be confused with the "real" LA (louisiana).

Yep, he loaded up his vehicle on Thursday and drove til the map turned blue.
yep. i just threw that in there. name that song.
wait, i don't even know what song that is.

We had a send-off party/Birthday party for him.

We love being together. He is quite the hoot.
See how hard Mamaw Jo is laughing???

Just a Wednesday gathering at mom and dads.

of course, we had a great performance from these 2 little snook-ems.

and stories from my uncle Jeremy.

these two are rather fond of eachother.
I am fond of both. It makes for a nice time.

Back to Josh.
He'll be attending Pepperdine in the fall for his Masters in Psychology!
Crazy brilliant, right? He's very impressive.
Meanwhile, he'll be working as a recruiter for the MBA program at Peppy (can I call it that?).
He already has his MBA.
Did I mention how impressive he is?

p.s. makes for a pretty legit vacay spot, huh?

Congrats to Joshy on his big move, job and school.
I'm so proud of my brosif and can't wait to see him dominate as a Sports Psychologist!

proud lil sis,

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Lauren said...

What part of Malibu/LA is he going to live? This is even a greater chance of him being on the bachelor!!!