Friday, April 1, 2011

random friday loves

Happy friday peeps!

Today I am loving:

1.awesomely talented friends
(you need to click on this link to watch their video)

buzz(laura busby) never ceases to amaze me. she currently has 2 blogs, found here and here.
patrick, who you all remember from our incredible wedding video, is the master mind behind awesome films.
and t-buzz(tommy busby, buzz' bro) is the lead singer/songwriter that makes these things happen.
they're also all in Dallas.
I can add them to my faves list in the big D

2. i started working this week in the icu.
the past 2 weeks have been full of classes/orientation.
this week was great! i love what i do. it's tiring, but who doesn't get tired working?
i'm thankful for helpful and kind nurses who help me find my way so i can do my job. hooray for money, too!

3. heading to houston today to see some great friends!!!!
gt's best man and wifey

3. it's finally warm again

my brain isn't wanting to type anymore.
do you ever feel that way? just all of a sudden, a blank wall appears and nothing is happening in there?
that's me right now

so i bid you a good-bye


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