Thursday, April 14, 2011

rhetorical and not

i have a few questions
some warrant a response, others are thoughts really

1. what is that smell that makes target smell like target?
2. why do people feel like it's their job to tell you that you should wait to have kids?
(don't worry, we're not having a kid)
3. do people really think that we don't hear their kid screaming in tjmaxx just because they choose to ignore it?
4. why can't Louisiana stay 80 degrees forever?
5. am i too old to start taking fiddle lessons?
6. Is anyone elses asthma kicking their hind-end?
7. Did I really have time to find and post 2876 videos yesterday?
Why yes. That's why it's called a day off.
Thank you 12 hour shifts.

Happy weekend eve yalls,


Lauren said...

I don't feel like it's my job but I can definitely give you 101 reasons to wait to have a kid. We waited 6 years and the timing (for us) was perfect! Key words..for us. ha!

kate said...

LC... I'm def talking about random people telling me that. People I just meet and ask about us having kids, when we got married, etc. Then saying "oh yeah, you definitely need to wait". You know? Im like...oh ok, we'll for sure wait now. Ha! Anyway, random rant. I, of course, value your advice!