Monday, April 11, 2011

summertime weekend

It think it's officially summertime.
Our weekend purty much confirmed it.
Let me give you a rundown and then you can be the judge. I'll provide the checklist.

Friday night- Sara Evans and Josh Turner concert (country music=summer time...check)
Saturday morning-baby shower (it's that time of year, check)
Saturday afternoon-GT, Sadie and I played bball then got snowcones (check, check)
Saturday evening-outside at my Aunt Chrys'... ate outside, the kids swam, we played ping-pong and then a game of capture the flag (check, check, check)
Sunday after church-lunch on a patio (check)
Sunday night- Luke Bryan, Band Perry, Tim McGraw concert (check, fo sho)

Summertime, right?
Who cares that it's April and 85 degrees. We can pretend a Louisiana summer would be that pleasant.
Psshhhyea right.

Regardless, we had a great weekend and I just love my family. That's all. Love em.
Here is the weekend via my iphone polaroid app-thing.
Lots of events are are the ones that I captured.

(p.s. this is my family. we are large, hear us roar)

capture the flag, seriously. he was on my team, luckily

game faces


tim mcgraw
i like it, i love it. i want some more of it.

I should've taken more pics. Like, ones actually of us at the concerts. Genius idea, huh?
Perhaps next time.
We had fun regardless of photographic documentation.

Happy summer y'all,

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