Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet Carolina part 1 & part 2

I love the Carolinas. Inland and coastal.
We landed in South Carolina late Friday night(not our original plan, see how we spent the day here), then drove to Wrightsville Beach, NC and spent Saturday there. Oh, remind me to tell you about how we got from Myrtle Beach to Wrightsville Beach. It involves hitch-hiking.

My cousin, Memory, got married Saturday evening at a gorgeous church with the reception following on the Inter coastal waterway in a huge tent.
It was amazing. Seriously, gorgeous and an awesome party.
Here are a jagillion pics to sum it up.

Part 1. NC and family
super cute welcome bag

we stayed in a beach house next to my cousin Debbies' beach house.
Isn't our room the cutest??? It's exactly what I think of when I think of beach house/cottage.

my dad and his aunt Celeste.
This is what we did most of the day and it was absolutely perfect.

Try to focus on the beach. I woke us up early, not wanting to miss anything.

Front door to my cousins house. It's a nice day for a wedding, y'all!

I'd sit here alot if I lived nearby.

family time with my dad's side.
Memory is my dads first cousins daughter. get it? (i don't know where to put apostraphes')
We don't get to see his side of the family often, but they are sooooo awesome. I truly wish we could be together more often, because I adore them. The trip was way too short.

Debbies house. To the right is the sound, to the left is the beach. Perfect? Probably

Part 2. The Wedding
told ya it was gorgeous. Definitely not a CofC building. ha

all gussied up.

Memorys brothers. Cousins Will and David. aren't they so handsome?

looking back at the reception from the water. I know, right?

Dad, his cousins' wife Chryssa and their daughters. Love them!

My dads first cousin, Terry Kay. I wish so badly we lived closer. She's pretty awesome.

my handsome dates

everyone seated for dinner in the hugemongous tent.
ok, time out.
nevermind. the food will have to be another post. it was stupid. (in case you're not aware, stupid is good)

Mem and Richard! I just love her.

Mamaw Lou cuttin' a rug. She was one of the best dancers there, seriously. Did I mention that she'll be 80 in May?

We use to share rooms on family trips. No longer. I kinda miss that.
but, i'm pretty fond of my new roomie.

We didn't plan those faces. Scary or awesome?

party time grandma! (not mine)

some of the younger cousins. aren't they so cute??? and they have super fun personalities to boot.

Memory and Will dancing it up.
Ok, this little kid was hilarious. His moves were excellent.

Debbie and David. She was a stunning mother-of-the-bride!



ok, are you tired of pictures yet?
2 parts=long blog.

the end. period.

I love North Carolina and I love the Milholland side of our family.
Hope you enjoyed it too

Happy weekend eve,

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annie said...

Cute, fun wedding pics! Loved y'all's little beach cottage room. Cozy.