Friday, April 15, 2011

Things you learn spending a day in an airport

1. Really, as fun and entertaining as it is, people watching can get old
2. $6 food vouchers get you nowhere
3. Putting funny things down your husbands shirt when he's not paying attention is actually quite funny
4. It could always be worse. But, it could always be better... If we'da flown Southwest. Delta is not good at making friends
5. Airport floors aren't that gross(hopefully)
6. Carry-on is Bingo
7. Making conversation with people you repeatedly see, or in your same situation, will always get awkward
8. Your hair will get flat and oily
9. There's always the funny guy waiting with you. It is his purpose to bring light to this already annoying situation.
10. There really is nothing you can do. You're stuck. So, it's best to just play hide and seek in the terminal
11. This would be a good time to be famous. There are times it wouldn't be good, but it would be clutch here.
12. It's perfectly normal to think you are friends with someone because you've passed them approximately 624 times throughout the airport
13. It is impossible to avoid eating a Cinna-Bon when there is one by your gate (or one of the 5 gates you've been to)
14. It's important to marry someone who's good at talking to people to get things done(ticket counter agents)
15. Ending up at your original destination is for the birds.
North Carolina, South Carolina... is there really a difference?

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