Monday, April 18, 2011

our house is a very, very, very fine house

We stopped by our house in LR this weekend on our way to North Carolina.
Yeah, it's on the way. Rather, I made it on the way.
The point is...we haven't seen our house in 2 months. It looked pretty good.
Why isn't anyone buying this house???

So, I got kind of emotional. I wasn't crying or anything, but just feeling a bit nostalgic. It was our first home together, you know? That's pretty important. It was my first house to decorate without the help of a female roomie. GT and I worked hard on that house. The man built a deck, added on a laundry room, painted every room, fixed just about everything and layed sod in the yard. We brought Woodrow home to that house.
It was OUR little love nest. I love that house.

But, no one else does.

Of course, I went through the house taking pics.
(thank goodness for my shake-it app on my real camera is done for. so it's iphone or bust)

mamaw jo made these curtains. old school appliances (=many burnt-bottomed cookies)

home-made china cabinent(hand-me-down from GTs uncle) that i refinished

messy desk. mom bought it for me in nursing school

my sewing desk in the sunroom bought at a thrift store for 25 bones. old golf bag from a garage sale.

guest room photos of my mamaw lou and aunt janie. probably 2 of my favorite things

husband. fave thing in the house

guest room. i love quilts so very much. all guest rooms should have a quilt.

hallway decor that i made in college.

our nest.

guest room again. i will always love this pier one purchase. applique was made for me.

i spy a deer head that i tried to hide in the study.

i liked these words. so i bought it at the hospital gift shop.

my man built this. by himself. boo-yeah.

that picture hung in my papaw shacks nursing home room. it makes me think of him.

not really decorated right now. usually there are flowers in those urns.
i love my table. world market rocks my face off.

nerd alert. i like the "t" door mat. it makes our house feel like a family house.

i realize that everything i love about that house will come with me.
nothing about the actual house is valuable to me...emotionally. it's the little things in it.
mostly, the things that make me think of people. the pictures, mainly.
so i'll do it again, i'm sure with another house.

well, i'm over it.
thanks for looking.
and tell everyone to move to North Little Rock and buy our house!!!

happy mondee,

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annie said...

So cute, cottage-y & home-y-----my favorite look that makes a house a home.