Friday, April 29, 2011

what i'm lovin' friday and Touch a Life

i love today.
if you live in west money, just look outside. ain't it grand?
an absolutely perfect spring day. seriously the temp is great too!

today i am thankful and loving these things

1. spending the day at my highschools regional track meet yesterday
this was the 4x400m relay.
i love to hate that race. i ran it in my days at OCS and let me tell you... it's brutally awesome.
i had knots in my stomach before the race. and i don't even know these girls.
does anyone else know that feeling with an old sport?
i also got burnt to a crispy

2. the weather, duh
mom and dads yard

3. having my cousins walk over to our house anytime, then driving them to another cousins ballgame.
or being with them at all and in a split second because they live across the yard.
they are my faves.

here are a bunch of 'em on easter sunday. some are friends, too.

4. I get to see this dude in 1 week!!!!

he will also be 1 year old next Saturday...what? what?
how in the world has it been 1 year since he was born?
I love this little Beauman so, so, so much and can't wait to spend a whole week with him!

5. Big news
planning the trip to head to Ghana in July... spend some time with these guys!
21 Rescued kids
click on the picture above for more information about Touch a Life

We will be holding the first Health fair at the Village of Hope.
I am so thrilled to be working with those that organize this effort and can't wait to meet all of these kids!

watch this video. please! watch this video.
(you might recognize the guy behind the camera)
These are the children we will be working with. My heart is already so heavy for them, I can't wait to meet each of them individually.

so, i'm a happy gal on this great friday!
hope you are too.


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