Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 things

1. in case you missed it...i wrote about Judson's eat/sleep schedule. that was last week. 
this week..i'm off of that. 
ha! joke's on me. 
if you ever want to be proved wrong, have a baby and declare "this is how we do this". inevitably, it changes-the very next day. 

i'm not quite sure why i thought a schedule based around the same times everyday would work for us.
i don't like routine. i get antsy when i'm on a schedule. (i know babies like routine...)
Judson really is able to let me know when he's hungry and when he's tired. 
He eats (roughly) every three hours and wants to go to sleep about an hour or so afterwards.
That's what works for us. this week. 
He has also started sleeping 10 hours pretty consistently at night. hoo-rah!
and he goes to sleep after crying for a bit. yep...we did it and it works. boo-yah!
and he's happy otherwise. 

moving on.

2. i like coffee

3. school is never really fun
especially when you're the only person around you doing it

4. we still have our Christmas tree up
what's it to ya?

5. i miss these guys

6. GT is home 
and has no plans of leaving
i could not be happier
we were home by 7 last night. this is epic.

7. our trim/cabinets/baseboards/crown molding have been painted white

8. there's an unpacked suitcase in our living room
i'm not saying who it belongs to
it might stay there until saturday

9. Trigger sleeps inside at night now
#notmyfault #itreallyis #hashtagsarefun
(ignore the unstained floors)

10. i'm going to start working out again.
truly. i am.

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Lana Summitt said...

Every picture I see of your dogs cuddling, I want to crawl inside it Harry Potter style and cuddle them too. They're so precious.