Monday, January 28, 2013

Dallas comes to WM

good girlfriends are the best
really, they are
the kind that you can just sit and chat and laugh with and even be silent and it not be awkward (that's hard to takes special friends). 
then, they meet your baby and you love them even more

my Dallas gals came to visit a few weekends ago and meet JR for the first time.
they came last year and we had a grand ole time

here are my faves:
GT and JR hung out at the house on Saturday so the girls could head to Antique Alley
hilarious, obviously

We spent most of the time just catching up and giggin' (giggling)

the best

meeting Aunt Kyla and Aunt Buzz 
i think Buzz actually cried when she saw Judson. it was perfectly sweet

what are friends for after all, huh?

I really do miss seeing Laura, Kyla and Rachel all of the time
they're such great friends and we never run out of things to talk about
somedays, i wish i could just call them and say hey, wanna go see this movie with me? or wanna meet me at Sonic for happy hour? or let's go for a walk (with Franklin!), it's beautiful outside! 
or maybe just go over to their house, have a cup of coffee and talk or watch Pride and Prejudice or watch hilarious youtube videos. 

They chose to drive to WM for a weekend and it meant the world to me. 
 I am so grateful for their love for me and now, Judson. He is going to grow up knowing some awesome people.
These friends of mine are legit.

can't wait to take Judson Ray to Dallas and show him the ropes


Laura said...

Kate! We had the best time in West Money with you. Miss you guys already. Pretty sure I cried a couple of times on record. The second one being when I tasted the Raspberry Chipotle sauce..also your deer chili. Really anytime there was food and friendship involved! Love you.

Rachel said...

Well, this is making me teary! Ditto everything Bouge said. LOVE YOU and your little man and our friendship.