Thursday, January 10, 2013

it's coming along: parentals house

I had a dream last night that mom and dads house was complete and I hated it.
That's really unlikely to happen.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna live over there. Or at least 50 yards away in my own house
that's right... the parentals are moving to our neck of the woods.

They started on the house in late November and it is coming along beautifully
the planning

the concrete

the sticks go up

the fam

the vaulted ceilings

the front
verses written on the walls and door frames of the house
mom wants the house to be dedicated to serving others and the Lord. She has asked our family and friends to write scripture all over the house to symbolize the house being built on the word. 
If you're around, please stop by and pick up a marker (they're in a box in the great room) and jot down your favorite verse!

I'm pretty excited about our new neighbors and eager to sit on the back porch.

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