Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a few things that i want to remember (schedule and such)

This post is really for me. for things i want to remember.

GT got home Sunday morning at 6am after being gone for a week. He left again yesterday morning. Sunday night we hung out at our house with nothing on the agenda. After Judson went to bed, Gt and I got in bed and listened to a random cd of mine that was in his laptop while looking at random pictures on his phone (many from when we started dating). "Fields of Gold" came on and a lump appeared in my throat. Why that song gets me all kinda of emotional... I don't know.

Sunday night, JR slept in his own room for the first time. He might as well have gone off to college. 
then we were back at mom and dads and in the same room together. much better. 

I feel like we finally have have a predictable sleep/eat (loose) schedule with JR and we are about to fly across 2 time zones for 3 days. I use to be flexible.................

(for those of you who say "kapooee" to schedules: my son has consistently slept for 7 or more hours a night since 6 weeks and i like my loose schedule. perhaps it's just his nature, but i'm sticking to what works. amen)

here's where we're at right now (just so i can look back and see) at 11.5 weeks:
6-7am wake up and eat
7-8 go down for nap
9-10 wake up and eat
11ish- nap
12-1 wake up and eat
2ish- nap
3-4 wake up and eat
5ish- some cat naps (still trying to figure out this time of day)
6-7 eat
from here is where it gets a little sketchy. sometimes he stays awake and eats again around 8-9 then goes to bed. sometimes he falls asleep and gets a little to eat before falling asleep for the night a little earlier.
try make sure he's in bed by 10ish
i know we need to establish a bedtime and routine, but we haven't been consistently in our house or consistently at home at night for a while since GT has been gone so much. so, when we get back from our little trip....i'm on it. 

he's a pretty happy baby and easy to console, so i'm not too worried about it. he lets me know when he's tired and i just go off of his cues. he basically is ready for a nap 1-2 hours after he wakes up from the last nap. we follow the baby wise method of eat-wake-sleep and that's about the extent of my baby wise following. i make sure he eats a full meal each time, no snacking. i like a loose schedule because it allows me to know what to expect and usually know why he's fussy. this does not work after about 4pm...from there, i have no clue why he's fussy. i'm starting to think he's just sleepy. we're just trying to figure it out. 

Stay warm friends.
we have an icy day here and have plans of going nowhere.
Happy Tuesday,

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