Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 months

we celebrated our sweet little Judson Ray's 2nd month on Christmas Day
2 months! 
little buddy you are the sweetest

you can also be very serious and make some hilarious faces 

but mostly you smile at us and "talk" constantly

in the last month you have become such a little boy
you are very aware of everything going on around you
i love it when you hear my voice or your daddy's voice and follow us with your eyes 
you love your daddy
you love it when he sings "my Jud is so big. so strong and so mighty" and when he whistles
you make noises ALL of the time: little grunts, coos, whimpers and everything else 
you can go 9-10 hours between eating at night and 6-8 hours sleeping (we love that about you)
you are very good at holding your head up and pushing off of things with your legs
your Doctor told us that you are very strong for your age 
she also said "he's pretty perfect". we didn't need to go to the doctor to find that out!
you can break out of your swaddle, so we purchased the Miracle blanket and it's amazing
you are mesmerized by lights and fans
you still love it when i sing to you
your talking voice is the cutest
when you "talk", your dad and i usually catch each others glance and share a smile
you are a true joy 
i think everyone smiles a bit more when they are around you

You have also been busy and spent quite a bit of time away from home with us.
We have stayed at your Honey and Pas house for a couple weeks
one week, your dad was out of town so you and I camped out there.
another week, painters were busy working in our house and the fumes were intense.
then we spent a week in Texas for Christmas with the Taylors (they adored you by the way)

Here's to another month with you, sweet Judson Ray.
we simply can't imagine life with you getting any sweeter.

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Kayla said...

i love him. He's so sweet and handsome.