Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've seen these WNRW (want.need.read.wear) posts before and i like them. 
they are concise, yet descriptive of where you are for that day. or week. or year. 
perhaps i'll try to do one- once a week or once a month. 
it's a good way to jot down what i'm wanting, needing, reading or wearing. let's change that last one to eating. we'll go with eating, since i'm no fashionista and i love to eat. hooray! my fashion choices consist of comfiness for now. which i, personally, think is a great way to be fashionable. 

Trio of Bob Dylan  Forever Young  PARENTHOOD THEME SONG Posters
i also like the whole shop: RawArtLetterpress
i know exactly where these babies would go in our house

more counter space in my kitchen. for chopping/prepping/storing,etc
ok. i know that's not a real NEEEED, but it would be nice.
so, GT got me an island for Christmas! What a guy, eh?
 A whole island, you say??? 
wouldn't that be lovely

what i really need is a whopping dose of grace (in all areas, really) when it comes to raising a baby.
has anyone every been frustrated with their baby for not sleeping as long as you want them to, but they really want to eat, but you're tired so you just get mad and the only human you see to get frustrated with is your baby, but that's not right to be mad at a baby, so then you feel guilty for getting frustrated with a baby that solely depends on your for sustenance and life?
no? me either.
grace. a whopping dose of grace.

Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease: International Edition w/ CD [Hardcover]
it's thrilling.
really, it is

 cream cheese + this stuff + any kind of cracker = an excellent dinner
healthy as can be, too.

if any of these can be delivered...i'll be home most of today!


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