Friday, January 11, 2013

Balancing: Blogging and babies

When I found out that we were expecting I thought about this little blog o' mine.
 I thought that I didn't want it to become a blog totally plastered with baby pictures and milestone recordings and poop and pee talk and homemade kid toys and crafts (you know the kind). 
Then I had Judson.
 And everything I thought I would do, became what I wouldn't do and everything I thought I wouldn't do, I do.
hello motherhood!

This has not been and will not be a fashion blog, a parenting blog, a diy blog, a lifestyle blog, a travel blog, a religious or theological blog.
 Its a blog about our life. A place to document our life and keep our family up to date on our happenings.
So, guess what. Judson is my life now and that's what I'm gonna talk about.
 And I make no apologies. Although I still work and am about to start back to grad school, I have no higher priority than my boys.
So, you'll be seeing a lot of GT and JR and that's how we dance this dance.

Blogging has become my way of journaling and i am grateful for that.
My parents have had my blog printed into a book for the past 2 Christmases and I have loved looking through them and remember some of the things that we have done.
(also, look what mothering has done to my hair and my style)

I say all of that to make me feel better about plastering this small space of the www with pictures of my baby and talking about him quite a lot. 
He takes up pretty much all of my time and I like it that way.
Hope you like getting to know him and watching our family grow!

Happy Friday...have a great weekend!

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Royce Ogle said...

I can't resist your blog. It's the best!