Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Judson Rays nursery

I have loved getting this room ready for our little guy.
It began in August when we started adding onto our house and I just finished last week with the final touches.
The painting was finished a few weeks ago and I've just been adding pieces to the room slowly.

My overall goal was to have a peaceful room with things that meant something to our family.
I wanted to add a twin bed for when we had extra guests in our home.
I wanted to make sure it wasn't too busy, but also kind of eclectic at the same time.
the print on the bottom left was the first thing that i bought when i found out we were expecting
i adore it and mentioned it  in a previous post
the super cute map was given to me by my sis in law
and mom bought the other print, a sweet little quote from "where the wild things are"
and the deer was donated by GT...ha!

this desk-turned-changing table was mine in college and i still love it
it provides great storage for hats/burp rags/socks/stuffed animals/diapers, etc

the twin bed is one half of the bunk beds that my brothers slept on growing up
the comforter was mine from my freshman dorm room
the quilt was made by my great-great-grandmother and given to me by my dads cousin

is that picture of GT and JR not the sweetest?
i will have it hanging up forever

the Jenny Lind crib is beautiful and simple at the same time. perfect.
 it's the same kind my mom bought for me as a baby.
my mom also made the crib bedding out of a duvet from Ikea...amazing, i know
i made the bunting out of Hobby Lobby supplies
the rugs are from Ikea and were an excellent find by my gal pals

adorable little GT clothes and shoes
a book that makes me cry...ev-er-ee-time
little bear figurine from my mamaw that says "pull me now and ill pull you later". presh

unexpected comforatable chair find at Ikea
pillow made by me
throw from Buzz
and curtains made by mom out of the duvet cover

i painted the little yellow drawers 
it was part of the first bedroom suite my parents bought when they got married
the bird cage/picture holder is quite handy for displaying different photographs

cute trash can from...you guessed it...Ikea, that holds an assortment of blankets

cuddly friends awaiting Judson's presence in his crib (whenever that may be. don't rush me)

so far, we are enjoying this little room
i'm sure it will evolve over the years and become a big boy room in no time
we are truly cherishing each moment of our little guy as he is growing so quickly

if you're ever in our neck of the woods, drop by for a stay
we have a twin bed waiting for you!



Lauren said...

what a fun bedroom!

Kate said...

Thanks Lauren! Love your blog by the way!