Tuesday, May 17, 2011

80 is the new 20

I'm late, i'm late for a very important date!
Mamaw Lou turned 80 and we all must celebrate!
Friday was the actual day of birth for Mamaw Lou.
She spent a lot of her time like this during her birthday week.
On the floor playing with Beau and she'd have it no other way.
Did I mention that age means nothing?

My 2 mamaws
who just had their 80th birthdays and are the most vivacious, fun and involved women I know.
Please, please can I be just like them? Now.

ML and I 5 years ago on a summer trip to Alaska.

ML can not pass up a dance floor.
 She knows how to cut a rug boys and girls

beautiful woman

the leader of the pack.
and aren't we thankful to have such a great woman leading the way for our family.

there she is again. forgetting her age.

i made her a cake for her birthday. she loved it.
really, she just loves me and would love anything i did. part of the reason that i love her.
there's a lot of love here.

confetti cake. because it's a party, y'all.

i was going to post some pictures of times gone by with mamaw Lou.
Then I realized that if I started going through old photo albums looking for pictures that i'd never get to this post b/c i'd still be sitting cross-legged on the floor with my back aching surrounded by albums crying happily over all of the wonderful times she has created for me.

that woman loves me.
is there anything better than knowing someone loves you more than anything in the world?
and i know it because she is constantly telling me or showing me.

Mamaw Lou has been given plenty of opportunity in her life to doubt God, never smile and be selfish.
She has lived through the loss of a child and her husband. My heart couldn't survive that.
But, she always has a smile on her face, serving others and giving all the glory to God. 
She has taught me how to be tough. I mean tough, people.
and yet love very sincerely
without an ounce of pretentiousness

I'm humbled that I was chosen to be her grand-daughter.
and eager to follow in her steps.

Happy birthday to the youngest 80 year old that I know.
happy late birthday ML!

katey jane

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