Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nuh nuh nuh nuh....BATMAN!

Don't you just love a fresh newborn?
There are few things more precious and emotional to me than a brand new baby. I just adore those first few moments with a new life. Childbirth is a miracle and completely blows my mind.

Monday evening, our good friends Ryan and Miranda had their 1st little man.
They've been married almost 9 years and are now a family of 3. This baby boy has been prayed for, for years and they are giving glory to no one else, but God, for the blessing of this baby.
 He is a very, very loved boy.

just a few weeks before Batman entered the world.

Now, let me explain.
They didn't tell anyone the babys name until he was born! We begged and tried to trick them into sharing his name with us beforehand. but, no. they wouldn't do it.
I was actually very impressed with their secrecy.
So, we called him Batman throughout Mirandas pregnancy.

they had an awesome "Last Hoo-rah without a baby" party at their house a few weeks before Batman flew into the world.

a fun fiesta

I painted this mural(if you will) on the wall in his nursery

another view of his super cute crib and bedding, that Mirs mom made

I told you this boy was loved.

Isaac Ryan Lee

I was so emotional seeing them all 3 together for the first time.
It was beautiful.
They have held their faith so close. They have prayed so often. They have been blessed.

I praise God for friends like these.
and of course this little man who I will snuggle for a very long time.

happy wednesday,

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