Thursday, May 5, 2011

Extra, extra read all about Duckmen

Breaking news!
the Duckmen will be on A&E
You heard me right. A&E. like where you can watch 48 hours, Dog, Intervention and other delights.
Now, you can watch the  Duckmen.
Starting this fall, tune in and watch our guys and ladies on a major network!
The Duckmen

Here is part of the news release on A&Es website.
After marking its best year ever in 2010, and kicking off 2011 with the best quarter in network history, A&E Network, the number 4 entertainment cable network in adults 25-54, is poised to continue its phenomenal ratings growth by expanding upon the already industry-leading slate of original programming - scripted and unscripted.
A&E is driving its 'Real Life. Drama' slate featuring eleven returning franchises and the launch of ten new series by the end of 2011 - series that build upon the network's established arenas, as well as create new genres and directions in original programming. This aggressive new slate will look to expand upon the perennial top-ten network's success and to populate new nights with original series that introduce viewers to worlds never-before-seen on television....

..."Duckmen" (working title) pilot
Meet the Robertsons who run their family business while living the American Dream down in Louisiana. From deep in the swamps, they operate a multi-million dollar sporting empire, employing half of their hometown and fabricating, of all things, duck calls and decoys, while remaining true to their roots by living off the land.
"Duckmen" is produced by Gurney Productions for A&E Network. Scott Gurney and Deirdre Gurney serve as executive producers. A&E producers are David McKillop and Elaine Frontain Bryant.

 Original article: click here 

Pretty awesome, huh?
We're all pretty pumped around here.


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Rachel & Larry said...

Awesome! Congrats Duck Commanding People!