Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mothers Day gift idea

Have you bought your Mothers Day gift yet? or made it?
Usually I take to making gifts. It's my thing.
So, that's what I did, kind of. I won't tell though, because mi madre will be reading this.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your mumsy...i have it!
I can't give it to my mom. Mostly because she wrote it. That'd be awkward.

Here's my moms first published book. And boy, oh boy, is it good.
The perfect devo/parenting book.

If you live in town, call me or email me or facebook me or whatever, and i'll bring it to you.
I think they're $10. I think.

You can also click here: to order one.
Mom has directions on the left side of the page on how to order.

Isn't it darling?! and smack full of great lessons.

Check it out. I'm a pretty proud daughter,

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Melinda said...

So.... I just put my check in the mail to get one of these! Thanks for telling me about it! I'm sure my sis-n-law will love it!