Thursday, May 26, 2011


we had our hamburger cookout yesterday evening before church.
it was to raise money for my trip with TouchaLife this summer to the Village of Hope in Ghana.

it went so great!
i'm overwhelmed with the support we received and completely humbled.
it's strange that when people show their support for your dreams, in return you feel humbled.
you think when so many people demonstrate thier love, you'd feel pretty proud.
not at all.

thankful is an inadequate word. but it'll do.

of course, we served lots of sweet tea

my boo grilled lots of burgers in the heat

my mamaws worked hard. without me even asking.
they just showed up and started doing

the conga line. or food line

some of the supporters

more of 'em

the kiddos playing by the grill.
we thought that through, huh?

more family

none of this would've happened if it weren't for this guy.
i told GT a few months ago that i wasn't going to go to Ghana because it was just too much money.
sure, we could pay for it, but it would make a pretty big dent.
he didn't take that for one second.
he replied...kate, of course you're going. this is why you do what you do. you love medical missions and helping kids. of course you're going.
and that was that.
he said, we'll have a dinner to raise money. i'll cook hamburgers/bbq and people who want to help, will help.

i love my husband.
i'm grateful for his support of my heart.

i can't wait to see what this trip has in store. and thankful that people wanted to help.
this world is way bigger than me and it's nice to be reminded of that.

happy weekend eve,

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Lauren said...

So pumped that you're going! You should join up with Health Talents every year. My mom goes to Guatemala every year to do woman surgeries and she comes back so blessed. She's been going with the same troop for 9 years and they have become her second family..I see you thriving in that kind of sitch.