Friday, May 27, 2011

what in the world???

So, this morning.
I was running on the treadmill at the gym. boooring. anywhoo....
there are tvs right in front of my face.
on the screen directly in front of me is this lady

on the next tv over is this person

ok. here's how i feel about it.
are you ready?

i am completely entertained by their "artistry" and creativity. these are very talented and risk-taking artist. that's why people like them, right? their music has that kind of beat that gets you hooked, they are always doing something new to get your attention, along with showing some skin...that doesn't hurt.
i'm not here to hate on them or judge them or act like i've never done anything wrong.
but, i will say this.
if they show these pop-culture icons during morning news programs...what in the world are they showing at night on non-family programs???
seriously, people!
and i consider myself a young, hip, with-it person. (maybe that's the problem)

have you listened to either of their latest song lyrics???
what are we trying to teach young girls these days?
i'm nervous like crazy to have a kid with this music being blasted at them from all angles.

i get it, really i do.
i understand why people are obsessed with artist like this. they are entertaining! that's what we all want out of the media...entertainment.
but, can we all just step back, listen to what these people are saying and make a good decision to turn that junk off???
why do we continue to support music, just because it's entertaining, that is spreading outright immoral messages? I will be the first to admit that I listen to some music that doesn't always share a good message. Guilty.
but, outright slander against Jesus and outright lyrics about raunchy sex? come on.

gooooooood night son.
i was embarrassed to be running in front of these tvs.
they were making me feel uncomfortable and we are thousands of miles away and separated by a tv screen.

ok, that's all.
not really, but i don't know what else to say right now.

to sum it up, what in the world is happening to kids these days(ha)?

happy friday btdubs,

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