Tuesday, May 10, 2011

how to eat a 1st birthday cake

1.  make sure your cake is perfect. almost too perfect to eat. almost.

2. wear a ridiculous dunce hat. 

3. be completely shocked by this opportunity

4. show off how cute you are for your family and laugh/smile on command 

5. pretend like you're not interesting in getting dirty 

6. try a little on your hands, just to get a feel for it. 

7. ignore all previous 6 steps and just dig in. all the way to the base 

8.proceed with step 7 

9. throw it around so everyone can taste it. 

10. continue to show everyone how stinkin' adorable you are 

11. then you can taste it.

12. make sure everyone is watching 
 and that, ladies and gents, is how you dominate your 1st birthday cake.

jump in the sink (remember these instructions are only for your 1st birthday) for a washin

move on to your presents...naked of course, as all of your clothes are getting hosed down

happy birthdee beau, again.
aunt kate

most importantly, make a hilarious face when no one's looking.
(my fave pic from the party)


Lauren said...

I just want to squeeze him!! He's so cute..

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Thanks Aunt Kate for loving on our little cowboy. He misses you and can't wait to come back to the deep South. J&J

annie said...

Just now seeing these pics......he's so cute! And, cannot bee-lieve he's 15 mos. now!