Monday, May 9, 2011

i'll take you for a ride on my Big Green Tractor

we can go slow...

we can go faster

We celebrated Beaus 1st birthday Sunday night.
As you can see, he LOVED it. I mean, LOOOOVED it. All of it.
Mostly, he loved his new and first John Deere.

and of course, we all loved watching him love it

Well, butter my biscuit! Ain't he just the cutest tractor ridin' cowboy ya ever did see?

that laugh just gets me. ev-er-y-time.

we love our little 1 year old man. I think being Beaus aunt is my favorite. i'm rather fond of the guy.
both of these guys

Tomorrow I will show you how to demolish a cake...courtesy of Beau.
(that is, if can blog. B-man is staying the week with us and i am finding time very hard to find.)

gumBeaus aunt Kate

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