Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my 10 reflections on the Royal shin-dig

1. i wonder if Kates face is still hurting. that's a waaayyy long time to smile for gillions of people.

2. is harry the cutest? or what? but totally in that little brother kind of way. totally. 

3. can i be a princess? or a duchess? or whatever Kate is?

(withouth having to kiss William?)
 poor Will. at least he is a prince and has Kate.

4. i think the queen is going to live forever.

5. how many girls born this year will be named Catherine Elizabeth?
p.s. my mom almost named me that. but, lets be honest...i'd be called Katie Beth...it's only naturally southern.
there will also probs be many Kate dolls made this year. She was perfect. 

6. when did they find time to go to the bathroom?

7. i'm thankful for the British. mostly for obnoxious hats and accents. and the Beckhams.

8. the car almost fascinated me as much as kates dress. almost.

i've never seen glass that clear.

9. that is the longest aisle EVER. ever. i never even teared up. i lost all emotion by 100 yards. usually i'm a baby at weddings when the bride heads down the aisle.

10. but, i did tear up when Kate got out of the car. who didn't? she was breathtaking.

a bonus thought.
Kates family is beautiful.
Pippa. stunning. and her dress!!!
Kates parents. perfectly dressed and so handsome together!

all photos courtesy of the Today Show website

Mom and I watched the wedding 18 hours after it aired. But, it was still just as magical.
Who doesn't love a royal wedding? a Royal Wedding y'all!

It was all more beautiful than I thought.
Longer than I thought.
But, beautiful.

Kate (not the Royal one)


Laura said...

This post made my day. Thanks Royal Duchess Kate of Monroeshire

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Loved relooking at your pics. Katie Beth was perfect!